Past Events

Péter Losonczi, ‘Habermas’ Post-Secular Turn’, University of Delhi, New Delhi, March 4, 2008
Graham Ward, Walter Van Herck and Michael Hoelzl, ‘Reflections on Culture and Religion’, LUISS and John Cabot University, Rome, April 26-27, 2010
First IRNRD Lecture Series 3-21 February 2011 
Professor John Rundell (University of Melbourne): Perspectives of Imagination: Philosophy, Society, Religion 
3-4 February 2011: University College Dublin, School of Philosophy
School of Philosophy Invited Speaker Seminar: Public Fichte’s Science of Knowledge and the Anthropological Re-positioning of the Faculty of the Imagination: A Contribution to the Work of the Radical Imaginary
Workshop: Multiple Modernities, Citizenships and Religion
11-12 February 2011, Department of Social Studies, Lapland University 
11 February: Public lecture: Citizens of Many Imaginaries: From Modernization to Modernities of Contingent Strangers
12 February: Postgraduate workshop
15 February 2011, Centre Pieter Gillis, University of Antwerp (in Cooperation with Department of Sociology)
Workshop: In Search of Transcendence: Charles Taylor's Critique of Secularisation
Undergraduate Lecture: From Modernisation to Multiple Modernities
18 February 2011, Institute of Political Science, Corvinus University and Lutheran Theological University Budapest
Public Lecture: In search of Transcendence: Charles Taylor's Critique of Secularisation
21 February 2011, LUISS Guido Carli University and John Cabot University Rome
LUISS Colloquium on Ethics, Politics and Society: Multiple Modernities, Sacredness and the Democratic Imaginary: Religion as a Stand In Category
Public lecture at John Cabot University: Multiculturalism, Multiple Modernities, and the Politics of Contingent Strangers