Plurilogue: Politics and Philosophical Reviews

Plurilogue is a free online journal devoted to timely reviews of scholarly books, journal issues and articles in philosophy and political science. It is a repository for high-quality analyses of the newest scholarly research, with reviews authored by new and established scholars and refereed by members of an international editorial board.

The name Plurilogue derives from the term, 'omnilogue', coined by John Rawls and Christine Korsgaard to indicate a dialogue in which all individuals may participate simultaneously. (It first appeared in Rawls's 'Reply to Habermas'.  Plurilogue thus emphasizes the diversity and the many pluralisms (of concepts, places, interest, languages and cultures) that inform such dialogue.
As an international journal, Plurilogue welcomes reviews in Arabic, Chinese, English, Dutch, French, German, Hindi, Italian, and Spanish.
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